Fairview Park Hospital June 14, 2012

Dublin, GA – Fairview Park Sleep Center in Dublin recently received program accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). 

“The American Academy of Sleep Medicine congratulates Fairview Park Sleep Center on fulfilling the high standards required for receiving accreditation as a sleep disorders center,” said Dr. Nancy Collop, AASM president. “The Fairview Park Sleep Center is a significant resource to the local medical community and will provide academic and scientific value in addition to the highest quality care for patients suffering from sleep disorders.”                              

To receive a five-year accreditation, a sleep center must meet or exceed all standards for professional health care as designated by the AASM.  “We are extremely proud to have met the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s standard which represents the highest level of achievement, says Mike Shehee, RPSGT, RST, Sleep Center Manager. 

The accreditation process involves detailed inspection of a center’s facility and staff, including an evaluation of testing procedures, patient contacts, and physician training. Additionally, the facility’s goals must be clearly stated and include plans for positively affecting the quality of medical care in the community it serves. 

Don Avery, CEO of Fairview Park shared, “This gold standard accreditation makes Fairview Park the only accredited center in the area and assures patients that they are receiving the best diagnostic testing and excellent patient care.”

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine currently accredits more than 2,200 sleep medicine centers and laboratories across the country.

The Fairview Park Sleep Center is directed by John E Schoell, MD, and is located in the hospital on the 5th floor.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is a professional medical society for clinicians, researchers, and other health care providers in the field of sleep medicine. As the national accrediting body for sleep disorders centers and labs, the AASM is dedicated to setting standards and promoting excellence in sleep medicine health care, education and research.