Making the Leap from Student to Professional Nurse

HCA Nurse Residency is a year-long, extensive clinical orientation and professional development curriculum for new graduate nurses that helps them transition from student to professional nurse. During the first three months on the job, new nurses hone their clinical and technical skills working alongside experienced preceptors who model patient care. For the remainder of the year, nurse residents continue professional development through routine interactions with a mentor, continuing education courses, and completion of an evidence-based capstone project.

Why Nurse Residency with HCA Healthcare

  • Encourages career development from day one. HCA offers nurses ongoing education and professional development, beginning with an evidence-based residency curriculum designed to help graduate nurses launch their careers successfully.
  • Boosts confidence and competence. Nurse residents apply their knowledge in a safe environment and are never left feeling alone in their practice because of the unique pairing with preceptors and mentors and best-in-class clinical educators.
  • Helps ensure patient safety. Innovative learning experiences include real-life role play scenarios and training environments that simulate actual healthcare settings. These give nurse residents a variety of opportunities to perfect their clinical skills.
  • Launches career with one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services. Caring for more than 27 million patients a year in 20 states and the United Kingdom, HCA nurses are working together to make a difference in patient lives every day. Beginning a career with HCA Nurse Residency opens the door to a variety of nursing career opportunities.

Encouraging Nurses of the Future

Thank you for the integral role you play in instructing and encouraging nursing students. Your influence and expertise are shaping the future of nursing in our country. We look forward to partnering with you in the ongoing development of nursing careers. If you have questions about HCA Nurse Residency, please contact Rob Ward at (478) 274-3176. For nurse graduates who are looking to start their career, a great place to begin is by applying for Nurse Residency at Fairview Park Hospital.

Nurse Residency Information