Fairview Park Hospital September 12, 2012

photo of yellow under construction sign

Beginning the week of September 17th, Fairview Park Hospital will enlarge its main driveway entrance from Industrial Boulevard by creating right and left turning lanes for exiting the campus. The addition of two turning lanes for Fairview Park’s main driveway will reduce traffic congestion when exiting the campus. The construction phase of this enhancement will last approximately 3 weeks.

Please note these very important details:

During construction, the Hospital’s CURRENT Emergency Department driveway entrance (immediately west the Industrial Boulevard & Hillcrest Parkway intersection) will function as the Hospital’s and Fairview Fitness Center’s main thoroughfare.

If travelling south on Hillcrest Parkway, visitors and employees may also use the Fairview Drive entrance to enter the hospital’s campus (first corner south past Industrial Blvd & Hillcrest Parkway intersection).

The circular driveway at the hospital’s main entrance will also be closed intermittently during main driveway construction. Patient pick-up and drop-off will occur at the covered entrance of the Hospital’s Emergency Department, adjacent to Outpatient Registration. The Hospital will have directional signage to accommodate traffic while the new driveway is under construction.

Should you have any questions please contact Tracie Morgan, Director of Marketing & Community Relations, (478) 274-3935 or tracie.morgan@hcahealthcare.com.