Fairview Park Hospital
September 21, 2016

Dublin, GA - Fairview Park Hospital has been designated a Level III Trauma Center by the State of Georgia Department of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma. The designation completes a nearly two-year process of preparation by the hospital and an extensive review by the state. One of the most important benefits to patients transported to the Fairview Park Hospital's Trauma Center is quicker access to critical care for serious injuries and expedited transfers when necessary.

Fairview Park Hospital President and Chief Executive Officer Don Avery said the designation is a milestone achievement for the hospital and staff. "The designation as a Level III Trauma Center represents a significant improvement in the care received by our patients each day," said Avery. "Fairview Park Hospital has many trauma patients coming to our ER each month, and the care they receive, and the speed with which they receive it, is significantly better as a result of the trauma program and the processes put in place during the preparation for our designation."

Dr. Patrick O'Neal, Medical Director for the Office of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma for the State of Georgia, said following the survey, "The staff at Fairview Park Hospital has clearly demonstrated dedication to the care of trauma patients in Georgia."

"Being a state-recognized Level III Trauma Center shows Fairview Park Hospital's commitment to providing our community a higher level of care for our most critically injured patients with time sensitive injuries" said Lynn Grant, RN, Trauma Director at Fairview Park Hospital. "Fairview's dedication to being a trauma center in Georgia will be regularly reviewed by the State of Georgia to ensure the hospital continues to provide quality care."

Trauma center designation criteria set strict requirements for hospital staffing, physician subspecialty availability, response times, education and training and increased focus on quality improvement; all supported by outreach and community education.

"I can't be any prouder than I am of our team," explained Dr. John Polhill, Trauma Medical Director at Fairview Park Hospital. "This is an exciting time to be a part of Fairview Park Hospital and we thank our community for expressing their confidence in us by trusting us with the care of their loved ones."