Fairview Park Hospital has recently launched a new tradition of acknowledging each new birth with the soft sound of a hospital-wide lullaby.

At any given time, a sweet tune from the lullaby "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" rings through the hospital for staff, patients and visitors to hear. The proud parents or new siblings can press a doorbell-like button in the Labor and Delivery Unit that initiates a hospital-wide playing of the soft tune. This serves as a sweet reminder of the joy that new families are experiencing at Fairview Park Hospital with the birth of each new baby.

"We are very excited to begin this new tradition," said Michelle Smith, Director of Women's Services at Fairview Park Hospital. "We are also aware and very sensitive to mothers and families who may have experienced birth complications or health issues with their newborns. However, for many families, this soft sound after coming through the intensity of labor is very emotional and fulfilling." Smith remembers the first ringing of the lullaby here at Fairview Park Hospital and the joy that it brought to the family. She is reminded of that meaningfulness each time the tune sounds.

The popular English lullaby is universally known as a song of new life and new birth. It is with respect and love that Fairview Park Hospital acknowledges in a small way when someone has joined our world, which is no small thing.