Fairview Park Hospital
October 19, 2018

HomeTown Health, LLC, an organization of 70 rural hospitals in the Southeast, selected Ted Short,

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Fairview Park Hospital, as the recipient of the 2018 CFO of the Year award at the HomeTown Health 19th Annual Fall Conference held at Callaway Gardens October 17-19, 2018.

“This award is presented by HomeTown Health for outstanding leadership in sharing best practices in the business office and for your commitment to excellence, to employee education, business partner endorsement and revenue cycle improvement,” said HomeTown’s CEO Jimmy Lewis as he presented the award.

“I am proud of Ted and congratulate him for this honor,” said Don Avery, President and CEO of

Fairview Park Hospital. “Ted has been much more than just a CFO at Fairview. He has been a friend and a mentor to many, the standard by which other HCA CFOs are measured, an advocate for patients and employees, and a community leader. He represents Fairview Park, HCA and his family with excellence, integrity and humility throughout the healthcare industry and our local community. His value to Fairview, Dublin and HCA is immeasurable. I have learned so much from him, and he has made me a better leader and person. Most of all, I am fortunate to call Ted friend.”

Numerous nominations were received in support of Mr. Short’s recognition including such compliments as:

"Ted Short is an exemplary CFO, mentor, and friend. His extensive knowledge and experience, along with his integrity, make him an excellent candidate for HTH CFO of the Year."

"Ted has demonstrated outstanding leadership in his role at Fairview Park for over 35 years. Ted has been an active proponent of HomeTown Health and its mission to rural hospitals."

"Ted has been the CFO at Fairview Park Hospital for many years. He is committed to this hospital, our employees and our community. Ted is a great boss but more importantly a friend to many!"

"Ted leads with quietness and strength. He is able to cross lines in the hospital to understand from multiple standpoints and is able to fully integrate best practices into the organization."

Mr. Short, representing Fairview Park Hospital, was chosen from within the over 50 hospital organizations which comprise the HomeTown Health member network. “Ted Short is someone you need to know – he is an incredible asset to his team and to the greater collaboration of rural hospital leadership in Georgia. He is an honored colleague and a treasured leader,” said Kristy Thomson, COO of HomeTown Health.