Fairview Park Hospital - June 07, 2017
by Whitney Smith, RN, MSN

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May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Healthcare providers and communities utilize the month of May to celebrate and commemorate stroke survivors, as well as, to educate on stroke, stroke risk factors, and stroke prevention. During the month of May, Fairview Park Hospital takes an active role tparticipate in various activities throughout the month. This year, Fairview hosted a stroke awareness health fair, completed community education with the H2U group in the local area, completed educational classes for the nursing staff of the hospital, and sponsored a Stroke Awards Banquet Ceremony. Throughout the years, the stroke program at Fairview Park Hospital continues to grow and foster a proactive approach in caring for the stroke patient population. Fairview Park Hospital received several awards this year in regards the Stroke Program - Primary Stroke Center, as well as, received recognition from the division level and corporate level within the HCA Company.

Now, many of you may be wondering what a Stroke Awards Banquet Ceremony is. This year marks the first annual celebration of its kind. This banquet ceremony is thonor all those involved in the care of stroke patients. This ceremony is to celebrate those special individuals who go above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure the stroke patient population receives excellence in care. Here at Fairview, "our mission is to treat our communities as family and meet their health needs by providing compassionate, quality CARE" and our values include integrity, competence, accountability, respect, and excellence or ICARE. Fairview Park Hospital's Stroke Program reiterates these key points of the ICARE model of values. The Stroke Awards Banquet Ceremony is to honor workers from different healthcare departments who provide quality care, excellence in stroke care, and promote positive patient outcomes. This banquet ceremony is to say a heartfelt "Thank You" for all the staff who do amazing things for the stroke patient population at Fairview Park Hospital. The following is a list of all awards and categories with the winners listed:

Stroke Quality Awards

  • Best Activase Time - RN
    • Allyson Brown, RN
  • Best Activase Time - MD
    • Dr. Chipley
  • Most Activase Administered - RN
    • Ginger Herrmann, RN
  • Most Activase Administered - MD
    • Dr. Johnson
  • Activase Administered in ≤ 45 minutes - RN
    • Ginger Herrmann, RN
    • Angela Brown, RN
    • Allyson Brown, RN
    • Rick Yoder, RN
    • Tobey Lahey, RN
    • Jeff White, RN
    • April Wood, RN
    • Renee Dixon, RN
    • Carla Gay, RN
    • Karen Brewton, RN
    • Shae Deloach, RN
    • Julie Pettis, RN
    • Pam Daniels, RN
  • Most Activase Administered ≤ 45 minutes - RN
    • Ginger Herrmann, RN
    • Allyson Brown, RN
  • Best Partner in DTN times - EMS Service
    • Laurens County EMS
  • Most CODE S called from scene with Activase administered - EMS Squad Team
    • Brandi Conner, Paramedic
    • Keith Soles, Paramedic
  • Overall Fastest Average for Activase - RN
    • Jeff White, RN
  • Overall Fastest Average for Activase - MD
    • Dr. Sarata
  • Most Documented NIHSS - MD
    • Dr. Travan Jasper
  • Best DTN Time - Team
    • Allyson Brown, RN
    • Angela Brown, RN
    • Whitney Smith, RN
    • Ron Ricks, ER Tech II
  • MVP Stroke Nurse - ER
    • Angela Brown, RN
  • MVP Stroke Nurse - CCU
    • CJ Toler, RN
  • MVP Stroke Nurse - Med/Surg
    • Josh Swain, RN
  • MVP Stroke Physician - ER
    • Dr. Chipley
  • MVP Stroke Physician - Hospitalist
    • Dr. Hatten
    • Dr. Harrison
  • MVP Stroke Neurologist - Augusta University (REACH)
    • Dr. Hartmut Gross
  • MVP Stroke ER Tech - ER
    • Ron Ricks, ER Tech II
  • MVP Stroke CNA/PCA - All Inpatient Units
    • Chrel Duffie
  • MVP Stroke Team - CT Tech
    • Carla Lewis
  • MVP Stroke Team - RAD Tech
    • Chris Adams
  • MVP Stroke Team - LAB Tech
    • Lacey Caneega
  • MVP Therapist - PT/OT/ST
    • Ruella Ricaza, PT
    • Karen Clements, PT
    • Carliss Posey, ST
  • MVP Ancillary Department
    • Dianne Kitchens, RN
  • Stroke Cart Guru - ER
    • Ginger Herrmann, RN
  • Stroke Cart Guru - CCU
    • Rachel Moore, RN
    • CJ Toler, RN
  • Best Stroke Educator - ER
    • Ginger Herrmann, RN
    • April Wood, RN
  • Best Stroke Educator - CCU
    • CJ Toler, RN
  • Best Stroke Educator - Med/Surg
    • Jada Moss, RN
    • Jessica McDaniel, RN
  • NIHSS Guru - ER
    • Ginger Herrmann, RN
  • NIHSS Guru - CCU
    • CJ Toler, RN
    • Morgan Williamson, RN

Stroke Coordinator Choice Award: Spirit Award

  • Spirit Award: 2016-2017
    • Chris Cravey, RN
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Fairview Park Hospital is proud to announce the recipients of the youth, adult, and chaplain volunteer of the year.
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