Fairview Park Hospital - March 29, 2016
by Lindsay Black, VP of Marketing at Fairview Park Hospital

Fairview Park Hospital will open The Wound Center on March 30, 2016, at 2301 Bellevue Road, Suite 100, Dublin, Georgia. The office, located one block away from the hospital, will serve as a treatment center for chronic, non-healing wounds.

Chronic, non-healing wounds are wounds that have not healed after eight weeks or have not improved after four weeks. The Wound Center will offer care for individuals whose natural healing process is hampered by poor blood circulation, diabetes or other causes. Patients may call The Wound Center directly or be referred by a physician.

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic open sores as a result of diabetes, pressure ulcers, circulatory problems, wounds related to burns and traumatic and post-operative wounds. People with diabetes commonly suffer with non-healing foot ulcers, which can lead to amputation if not properly treated. Studies have shown that wound care treatment has reduced amputation rates and length of hospital stays.

The Wound Center specializes in treating wounds though an aggressive and comprehensive therapeutic outpatient program that addresses both the wound and its underlying causes. This is accomplished by following an evidenced-based clinical pathway for wound healing.

Our goal is to help individuals experience optimal quality of life," said Dennis Taylor, MD, Medical Director of The Wound Center. "We have customized therapies to help patients achieve healing results in the best time possible.

A multidisciplinary medical team including physicians, nurses and wound care specialists will provide individualized for each person.

Services include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, dressing changes, debridement, biological skin applications, compression therapy and negative pressure wound therapy.

The Wound Center is open 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday - Friday. For more information call (478) 274-3730.