The diagnostic imaging department at Fairview Park Hospital offers a comprehensive range of imaging services to diagnose a wide variety of conditions in Dublin, Georgia. Emphasizing patient care, the technologists on staff are registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technology, so you can be assured that you are receiving the best care.

To schedule a diagnostic imaging exam, please call us at (478) 274-3919 or toll free at (877) 838-7019.

We offer general X-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) , ultrasound, nuclear medicine, digital mammography and interventional procedures that are interpreted by board certified radiologists.


Your chances of beating breast cancer increase when detected early, and a mammogram is the single most-effective method of early detection. Breast cancer responds well to early treatment; generally, the sooner it is detected, the more successful the treatment. Mammography can detect a breast lump as small as 1/8 inch. Breast imaging can help identify abnormal growths, breast cancer, cysts, lumps, mastitis and more.

3D mammography

3D mammography, also known as digital mammography with tomosynthesis, is the latest technology in breast mammography. 3D mammography is recommended for patients who have the following:

  • Previous mammograms with ambiguous or inconclusive results
  • Dense breast tissue
  • Been previously called back for repeat breast scans
  • Undergone biopsies for suspicious masses or lesions in the past
  • Breast cancer, or have a family history of cancer

Multiple studies have reported that 3D mammography significantly increases breast cancer detection, with more than 40 percent increase in the detection of invasive cancers. 3D mammography also provides a clearer lesion image and reduces the number of unnecessary biopsies, minimizing patient anxiety and unnecessary costs.

Anyone can request a 3D screening mammogram. Depending on your insurance coverage, additional fees may apply for 3D mammography. You will be informed about any fees that are the patient's responsibility when checking in for your appointment.

Diagnostic labs

Our lab provides comprehensive services in the disciplines of chemistry, hematology, microbiology, urinalysis, blood bank and pathology. Each section is well equipped with the most modern equipment, which is operated by certified medical technologists and technicians. We have an in-house Pathologist that is board-certified in anatomical and clinical pathology. The lab is certified by the College of American Pathologists.

Additionally, electrocardiograms, stress tests, and echo-ultrasound tests, aid your doctors in diagnosing heart related problems. These special graphs of heart activities are taken with precision instruments used by trained nurses and technicians and interpreted by specially trained physicians. The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories (ICAEL) accredited our echolab.


Breast Ultrasound Accredited Facility

ACR - Breast Ultrasound Accredited Facility

Mammography Accredited Facility

ACR - Mammography Accredited Facility

Nuclear Medicine Accredited Facility

ACR - Nuclear Medicine Accredited Facility

Ultrasound Accredited Facility

ACR - Ultrasound Accredited Facility

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